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Reading: Jataka Tales Part b

The Elephant Girly-Face- There was once an elephant who listened to some robbers about killing. So the elphant killed everyone who came near to it. Until a man got nice people to talk around the elephant so now its good and tamed

The Princes and the water spirit- A king who had three sons sent all three of them to the forest for he was afraid his wife would kill the other two. In the forest, the sons ran into a water fairy and took two of the youngest sons to her cave. The last son answers the riddle and frees his brothers.

The King's White Elephant- An elephant had a splinter and so these carpenters took it out so the lephant decided to work for them. The elephant had a child and so the child helped the carpenters. A king came and bought the elpehant from the carpenters.

The Ox who envied the pig- There were once two ox who worked on a farm. They said that they were eating grass but the pig was being fed good food. The ox find out the pig was being fattened for it was going to be…
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Babbitt. Jataka Tales: Part A

The Monkey and the Crocodile- I already wrote a story about The monkey and Crocodile and can find it on my blog.

How the turtle saved it's own life- There was a king who owned a lake for his sons to play in. One day he boys found a turtle and thought it was a demon since they have never seen one. The king ordered the turtle to die but the turtle convinced the king the worst punishment would be to go back in the lake. The turtle was thrown back into the lake and lived happily.

The Merchant of Seri- There were once two merchants who used to travel together selling tin. One of them was a greedy merchant who came across a golden bowl. The merchant acted like it was useless so he could come back and pay very little for it. While gone the other merchant came and traded all he had for the gold bowl and traveled away.

The Turtle who couldn't Stop Talking- A turtle became friends with two geese. The Geese wanted to bring the turtle with them back home and the turtle agreed. The turtle …

Tech Tip: Canvas Mobile App

The Canvas app has been very beneficial to me throughout my time in college. Being able to have access to canvas and check whether I have homework due or a test that week without pulling out my computer is very convenient.

Reading: Mahabharata part D

1. Amba vows to seek revenge bringing about Bhishma's death in her next life.
2. After Bhishma's fall, Drona takes command of Duryodhana's armies. and he vows to make Yudhishthira his prisoner
3. Abhimanyu falls in battle in a very dramatic way. Arjuna was very sad with the news of the death of his son
4. After Arjuna's loses his son Abhimanyu, Bhima will be next, losing his rakshasa son
5. During the crises of the Battle of Kurukshetra Drona dies. The Pandavas resort to trickery in order to bring about their old gurus demise.
6. After the fall of Drona, Karna, at last, takes command of Duryodhana's armies. Brihma will finally get his revenge from all those years ago at the gambling match at the beginning of the story
7. All men watched the deadly combat which was waged between the mighty heroes Arjuna and Karna.
8. Duryodhana is still alive uses his special powers to take refuge underneath the water. Also, Karna is dead.
9. Ashwatthaman, seeking vengeance for the …

Reading: Mahabharat part C

1. Pandavas are not put into exile just like Rama was. The Pandavas run into many different creatures and people and hear about their stories
2. Krishna leaves and pays a visit to the Pandavas while they are in exile.
3. Arjuna must go on his own once again. The first time he went alone is when he hogged the Pandavas wife and no he's alone to go collect weapons for his family for after their exile
4.  Arjuna goes to Swarga which ends up being Indra's home (Indra is Arjuna's father). There Arjuna meets Urvashi
5. Now the story goes back on to the other 4 Pandava brothers. The brothers decide to climb the Himalayas where Arjuna meets them.
6. Hanuman is still alive as this story is told and Hanuman goes to meet with his half brother.
7. Duryodhana is preparing to kill Arjuna once the Pandavas are finished with their exile
8. Indra is trying to protect his son Arjuna from Karna who was born in armor and had earrings of invincibility. Indra takes Karna's earrings and armor

Week 8 progress

1. I am happy with my progress so far. I currently have an A in this class and I have a little breathing room due to my extra credit. I am most proud of the stories I have written because before this class I probably have written a fictional story since 7th grade. The class assignments I enjoy the most are the extra credit options or when I get to write a story about whatever I want. I changed the theme of my blog and site so things are going well.

2. I need to fix my grammar on my stories which is one of the pitfalls I want to avoid. One thing new I want to try is some of the extra credit options I avoid each week.

Week 8 comments and feedback

1. I have enjoyed the comments I have been receiving. The comments I enjoy the most are the ones that actually give me feedback to fix my paper instead of just telling me how much they like my story.

2. I would say I am giving pretty good comments. I try to tell them what I like about their story and then try and tell them one thing they could fix.

3. I haven't really gotten to know anyone through this class other than reading their introductions.

4. I might add a couple more pictures on my comment wall so it isn't so bland.


I chose this picture because I actually enjoy the comments that point out errors so I can make my story better.