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Week 14 Health Extra Credit

Why Sleeping May Be More Important Than Studying:
1. One thing the article confirmed for me was that to really get good sleep you need to enter the REM cycle part of sleep
2. One thing I learned is that it's actually more important to get a good night of sleep rather than pull an all-nighter to study
3. One thing I'm curious about is how accurate it this article really is. They tested 535 highschoolers but I think they should do a bigger sample size and do one about college students because I'm curious what those results would be.
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Tech Tip: Text to Speech

I can see text to speech being useful but I think it depends on the person. Me personally I don't think I could ever use text to speech because I'm too ADD. For me to really focus I definitely need to read it with my own eyes but I can imagine some people being able to turn text to speech on and lay down or something while it reads out a story or something.

Week 13 Reading: The Giant Crab and Other Tales

The Jackal would a-wooing go- Once upon a time there was a family of Lions that lived in the Himalaya Mountains in a Golden Cave. They were three brothers and one sister. A Jackal asked the sister to marry him and the sister got pissed and asked her brothers to kill the jackal. The Lions cracked their skull on crystal and the last one roared and gave the Jackal a heart attack.

The Lion and the Boar- There was once a Lion and a Boar and the Boar challenged the lion the a fight happening next week. The Boar told his friends what was gonna happen but they begin crying and telling the Boar that he will get killed. The Boar came back to the lion for the fight but this time he covered himself in mud so the lion wouldn't eat him.

The Goblin City- There was an island of ugly women goblins who would wait for travelers to come and bring them into the city. Travelers came to the island and were brought into the city until one of them found out about the Goblins tricks. The Fairy came and sav…

Week 12 Story: Microfiction

1. six-word stories
Was preparing Garlic. I crushed it

2. hint fiction
"Dribble...Dribble...Dribble" Is what I hear as the clock slowly runs down. I gave my defender one crossover and pull up from 3. "Swish"

Buzzer Beater

week 12 Reading B: Gandhari

Princess Gandhari receives a blessing from lord Shiva that she will have 100 sons. Someone arranges a marriage between the princess and Dhritarashtra, who is the king of the Kurus but the king is blind so the princess blindfolds herself to share the same life. Gandhari gives birth to a shapeless lump and is told to cut the lump into a 100 separate pieces and place the pieces into separate jars and wait two years. The story continues into the Pandaves vs. the other cousins and they go to the dice roll and the cousins end up being exiled.

Week 12 Reading: Ancestors of Rama

King Dipla Rama'a's great great grandfather wasn't able to have children with his wife. He consults a sage and she tells him that he can with some other woman but Dipla is always too distracted with his young wife that he gives the other woman no attention. The Sage tests Dipla by putting a tiger to attack the woman he could have kids with to see what Dipla does. Dipla sacrifices his body to the tiger and so the sage grants him a child. Dipla gives birth to his son Raghu. When Raghu becomes older Dipla tells him he needs to protect a horse from being taken. Indra whos mad at Raghu turns invisible and tries to take the horse but Raghu stops her and Indra rewards him. Dipla makes him king after. Later on, the kings threaten Raghu so he decided to take over the world and succeeds he then disrupts the wealth back to the kings. A sage arrives after the wealth has been distributed to ask for a massive sum to pay his teacher. Raghu realizes he will have to get the wealth from Kub…

Twenty Jataka tales part B

The Two pigs- Two pigs were found by an old lady and they became her children. One day a group of drunk men came to the lady and asked to eat the pig for money. The lady accepted and before the pig got caught he said some powerful message to the other pig and the whole city heard and then the pigs were praised with jewels.

The patient Buffalo- There was a buffalo he was laying in a field until one of his friends a monkey tried to make him angry. The monkey did many things by jumping on him and playing with his horns but the buffalo wasn't bothered. A ferry came down and asked why doesn't the buffalo kill the monkey and he says practically the monkey id dumb and no reason to kill it so the buffalo is rewarded.
The Sarabha- There was an animal called the Sarabha who was very beautiful. One day the king saw him and wanted to shoot him. The king ran after the Sarabha on horseback until the king fell off his horse. The Sarabha noticed the king fell and went back to help him. The Sa…