Extra Credit Reading Notes "Nachiketa a collection of stories from the Upanishads"

I decided to read "Nachiketa a collection of stories from the Upanishads". The first story is about a boy named Nachiketa who is occupied with a bunch of spiritual questions. One day when the boy's pet deer dies he wonders if there is life after death. His dad gets furious at him and sends him down to the god of death Yama. Down there Yama grants the boy three wishes. The boy's three wishes were to make his father happier, for him to be rode of hunger and thirst and for Yama to answer the question if there is life after death. After the boy gets his wishes he is sent back home. Another story is about a different young boy named Satyakama who goes and studies Gautama. Gautama sends him on a journey with cows and one of the bulls tells Satyakama where Brahma is.

Bibliography: Nachiketa: A Collection Of Stories From The Upanishads (Volume 702).

Story: King Kong's sons

Once upon a time in a jungle far far away lived a monkey named King Kong who was the strongest and most powerful monkey in the jungle kingdom. King Kong lived his life in servitude by leading his tribe to glory and happiness. One day King Kong began to notice that his wife was bringing him a lot of joy, however, King Kong believed that it was selfish for him to experience any time of joy or pleasure for all of that should be reserved for his tribe so King Kong decided to ban his wife from the tribe forever. King Kong's wife Blitz was heartbroken and ran off to the deep dark jungle to find a place to stay. While in the deep dark jungle Blitz ran into a family of wild hogs and asked if she could stay with them for a while. While staying with the hogs Blitz found out she was pregnant and gave birth to two twin monkeys named Ralph and Albert and called them the Ape brothers. While growing up the Ape brothers learned about stories of the great King Kong but no one ever told them that t…

Reading: Suyra how the sun god was tames

The story begins with Sajina who falls in love with the sun god. Sajina's father arranges a wedding for them and they get married. Sajina and the sun god have kids but sajina runs away because she is blinded by the light. The sun god gets mad and curses Sajina to give birth to the god of death. Sajina makes a shadow of herself to spend time with the sun god. The sun god finds out but takes back sajina and the shadow and they all three live a happy life.

Reading Notes: The sons of Rama

The Story starts at the very end of the normal Ramayan story. Rama exiles his wife Sita when she is pregnant because Rama believed that he should have no happiness and all happiness should be for his people. So Sita goes and takes refuge at some person's house where she has two twin boys. The person tells the twins all the story's about Rama but leaves out that Rama is their father. One day when Rama was to perform a horse ritual the horse ran away and the twins caught it. Rama sends multiple people to go get the horse back but every time they get defeated. Rama finds out that the twins are his sons and faints and also asks Sita to come back but she refuses and goes to live with her mother
Bibliography: The Sons of Rama: Luv and Kush — The Invincible Twins (Volume 503).

Learning by H.E.A.R.T Time management

One thing about this class that I need to fix is my time management. I need to not wait until Sunday night to finish all my assignments for this class because I have a lot of other work to do on Sundays. For example, I had to study for a test last night and wasn't able to finish one of my assignments because of it.

Tech Tip: Browser typing

The thing about browser typing is that it's super quick and easy to navigate back to webpages. Instead of having to go back and re-copy or re-type something into google I can just find the website I need back in my bookmarks.

Story Week 4 "Twitter"

I try
I fail
I Repeat

I just saw some inspirational tweets on accident and it gave me the idea for this story.

There's nothing I like more than going through twitter. However, I hate the limited amount of characters. If I could change one thi

My short story is cutting off as if I'm on twitter.